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EPA IG Report Whitewashes Serious Bias at Agency »

Pebble Limited Partnership (PLP) CEO Tom Collier expressed disappointment at the release of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Inspector General’s (IG) report today, stating the federal agency continues to minimize the seriousness of its own misconduct with respect to the Pebble Project, while sweeping under the rug the complicity of it most senior officials.

Secretary Cohen Releases Independent Review of EPA’s Pebble Actions »

PLP asked former Defense Secretary and U.S. Senator William Cohen to conduct an independent review of the EPA’s actions regarding Pebble.  His review was published and released today in Washington, D.C.  His findings raise serious questions about EPA’s actions.

Economic Report Summary »

A six-page brochure that summarizes top-level findings from the 60-page IHS Global Insight study regarding economic impact, employment and revenue in Alaska and the Lower 48. View the Economic Study Summary »